Problem: You have a great idea for a business but it requires a software solution to get built :

How do I know the idea will make money?

    • Market testing.
    • Competitor analysis.
    • Pricing (SaaS vs licence) 

How do I build the software solution?

    • How do I find engineers?
    • How do I ensure correct engineering disciplines are observed; version management, correct architecture, scalability, internationalisation, hosting, testing, branding, imaging, IP protection, trademarks.

How do I get investment to help build the solution?

  • Building a business plan.
  • Having the right people on board within business

I can be your CTO for you until you get to the point when you can afford you a full time internal hire. I can do this as a consultant or even be on your board in an executive or non-executive capacity. I will architect the solution for you and source and manage the development team. 

You can focus on developing your business with the sure knowledge that all the technical components are being looked after.